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Default Assistance Putting Rockbox on V2 Fuze

So I am not too tech savvy. The directions for putting RB on my Fuze are confusing me. Am I supposed to downgrade the firmware? I have the latest firmware: 2.3.33 (I think thats it). Do I need to downgrade to the original firmware, 2.2.26? If so, when putting the firmware file in the root directory and disconnecting the Fuze, it did nothing.

Next, I cannot figure out how to run this stuff using Run on Windows.

First instruction says: Open a new command promt window (Windowskey+R->cmd.exe). CD to the 'rbinstall' folder ('cd Desktop\rbinstall')

Then: Run mkamsboot from the command line window you opened in the previous step, passing the name of the OF file you've downloaded and the the bootloader file you've downloaded, as well as a name you can chose yourself for the patched output file
(e.g. 'mkamsboot.exe fuzea.bin bootloader-fuze.bin patched.bin')

Good lord can somebody make sense of this for me? What does it mean to "CD to the 'rbinstall' folder? Huh? I typed stuff in the command line but have no clue if I am even doing the right thing--I have no experience with this kind of stuff whatsoever, so any help is appreciated. Also, I did a search and couldn't find anything, so if there is a thread on this already, I'd be happy with a link.
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