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Default Pathfinding help

I'm trying to implement pathfinding into Colonization. However, this is effectively the first real thing I've ever programmed, and I'm in highschool, so I haven't taken any in-depth computer classes. In other words, I am vastly unexperienced. I've written and re-written the algorithm a number of times, even downloaded an A* implementation from the web, but everything has some problem or other. The simulator isn't actually kicking out any errors, there are just some issues. I extracted the script from delirious' Tiled library, and it almost worked. I need help. The map is only 10x10 tiles (100 total, so very small--even an inefficient algorithm will work for me), and it's not vital that the path even be the shortest. Movement includes diagonal, but it wouldn't have to if a script wasn't suited for that. Below is my most recent attempt which, again, isn't working (it seems to loop infinitely, and I think the openList grows beyond 100, which shouldn't happen since there are only that many tiles. I also think it includes duplicates, which the onList() function should prevent), and I can't figure out why. Any help would be greatly appreciated

function findPath(startX, startY, endX, endY)
	local openList = {};
	local closedList = {};
	local node = {};
	node.x = startX;
	node.y = startY;
	node.g = 0;--move cost from parent tile
	node.h = estimateMoveCost(node.x, node.y, endX, endY);--guess of move cost to target
	node.sum = node.g + node.h;
	node.parentX = startX;
	node.parentY = startY;
	table.insert(openList, node);
	while #openList > 0 do
		table.sort(openList, function(a, b) return a.h < b.h; end);
		local focusNode = openList[1];
		print(gridToIndex(focusNode.x, focusNode.y), focusNode.h);
		table.remove(openList, 1);
		table.insert(closedList, focusNode);
		if focusNode.x == endX and focusNode.y == endY then--found path!
			print("Found path!");
			local pathList = {};
			while 1 do
				table.insert(pathList, 1, gridToIndex(focusNode.x, focusNode.y));
				if focusNode.x == startX and focusNode.y == startY then
					return pathList;
					focusNode = closedList[onList(closedList, focusNode.parentX, focusNode.parentY)];
		for u = -1, 1, 1 do--across x
			for v = -1, 1, 1 do--across y
				if passable(focusNode.x + u, focusNode.y + v, endX, endY) == true and onList(closedList, focusNode.x + u, focusNode.y + v) == false then
					local onOpenList = onList(openList, focusNode.x + u, focusNode.y + v);
					if onOpenList == false then
						node.x = focusNode.x + u;
						node.y = focusNode.y + v;
						if u == 0 or v == 0 then--orthagonal
							node.g = focusNode.g + 10;
							node.g = focusNode.g + 14;
						node.h = estimateMoveCost(node.x, node.y, endX, endY);
						node.sum = node.g + node.h;
						node.parentX = focusNode.x;
						node.parentY = focusNode.y;
					else--already on openList; check if this is a better path
						if u == 0 or v == 0 then--orthagonal
							local score = 10;
							local score = 14;
						if focusNode.g + score < openList[onOpenList].g then--better path
							node = openList[onOpenList];
							node.g = focusNode.g + score;
							node.sum = node.g + node.h;
							node.parentX = focusNode.x;
							node.parentY = focusNode.y;
					table.insert(openList, node);
	--failure if reached this far
	game.guiList.message = "I can't get there!";
	game.guiList.counter = 0;

function estimateMoveCost(startX, startY, endX, endY)
	return (math.abs(startX - endX) + math.abs(startY - endY)) * 10;

function passable(x, y, targetX, targetY)
	if x > 0 and x < 101 and y > 0 and y < 101 and game.mapList[gridToIndex(x, y)] == 0 then
		return true;
	elseif x == targetX and y == targetY then--since target will always be a building or other "obstacle", must return true or else target will never be added to open list
		return true;
		return false;

function onList(list, x, y)
	for index, value in ipairs(list) do
		if value.x == x and value.y == y then
			return index;
	return false;--failure if reached this far
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