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Default BRICKED player...

Sorry but this isnt the J3, it is the O2, I put it here because the O2 forums are kind of dead.
I am 2 days into owning my O2 bought from ebay new.
It got bricked and I am devastated..........................

The ebay seller told me it came with warranty but I need to clarify if that is true or not and if cowon includes warranty with ebay purchases?

When I turn it on, it gives off an orange light (its meant to be green when properly functioning) and flashes that orange light before just it completely shuts down again (theres nothing on the screen, remains black).

My computer wont detect it at all. What do I do?? (((((

It happened after I left it on my computer to charge and after a while, I came back to check on it and the screen was off, I checked to see if I could safely remove it and take the plug off but it wasn't there and I could not remove it safely. I then just unplugged it and turn it on and its BRICKED.

Any advice, please!

EDIT: I fixed it, got some advice off a cowon dealer.

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Thread moved to appropriate sub-forum so O2 owners can see your post.

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Would you mind posting what process you did to fix it? Its nice to have things like that on the forums so it can be of use to other members.
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This fix was originally for the A3 but the exact same thing happened on my O2. So I did the same fix and it worked.

It has been discovered that on some occasions, when the Cowon A3 is left connected to a computer via the USB port for an extended period of time it can shut down and lose the connection without notice and then become non-responsive to attempts to reboot the unit or reconnect to the computer.
This is caused by the A3 running out of battery power required to maintain the USB connection, shutting down and thus losing the connection.
The A3 DOES NOT receive a charge from the computer when connected via USB and relies on its own battery power to maintain the connection.
Due to the fact that the A3 is disconnected from the computer abruptly, and also has a flat battery, it goes into a form of 'safe-mode' and will not boot or reconnect. The unit then needs to be placed on a mains charger for several hours and left to charge.
When in 'safe-mode' the A3 accepts a charge at about 10% of the normal charge rate, therefore it will need to be left on charge for some time before being used normally.
To avoid this happening, if you intend on leaving the A3 connected to a computer for an extended period of time, please be sure to connect the unit to a mains charger while it is connected to the computer.
Cowon are working on a Firmware Upgrade which may alleviate this issue.
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In short, the battery was drained. It would have been faster to charge it with the included AC adapter - especially since the O2's USB charging implementation is seriously flawed.
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