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e5, sorry, already have the e3 using it now with my rockboxed fuze
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Originally Posted by lestatar View Post

Thanks so much funman - I have confirmed that simply using albumtitle.jpg does work fine. AA is now displaying properly from microSDHC cards.

I just renamed 100+ files, so skip252, go right ahead with confidence if you wish... :-)

Funman, obvious question though: how should I handle situations where I might have the same albumtitle? Aside from putting one on microSDHC and the other on main memory.

Albumtitle is not necessarily unique, especially with some live recordings [Live In Budokan, e.g.]. This is one major reason why my entire collection has embedded album art - I find embedding simply neater and easier with no need to worry about folder.jpg, etc...

Are there any plans for rb [on the Fuze v2 specifically] to be able to read/use embedded album art [as the OF does]?

Again, thanks so much!
Well, I'm not funman, but you have been touching on the solution to this already. If you have several albums with the same title, use the ./rockbox/albumart folder and name them artist-album.jpg.

e.g. Joe Satriani - Crystal Planet - 01 - Up In The Sky.mp3
has Album Art named
Joe Satriani-Crystal Planet.jpg
What you did wrong earlier was that you put it on your microsd card. You need to put it in the root of your player (in the .rockbox folder). Rockbox still finds the album art and uses it for your music on the microsd...

Of course, this presumes that you have your files properly tagged with artist and album tags.
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Didgeridoo: Thanks a ton! Assuming you have confirmed that pics in .rockbox/albumart folder on main mem will indeed work for sd card songs? In any event, I will try this at some point, tho for now, the solution offered by funman seems to work just fine.

Oh yes indeed...I live and die by my ID3 tags... worries there for 99% of my one's perfect ;-)

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