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Default Ghost in the Rockbox'ed Sansa Fuze v2

My manual install of Rockbox on my Fuze V2 seems to have gone normally however I'm left with some issues and questions.

1. Main problem: I'm finding that it will "skip" portions of the music during playback while using Rockbox. I've only had the player for less than a day, so I haven't had a chance to isolate when it occurs, but it seems to happen randomly, like a ghost doesn't like the portion of the track its playing and fast forwards a few minutes into the song, or into the middle of the next track in the playlist.

2. Is it normal for booting into the OF to require holding the left button continuously during boot? On the e270 I owned, it only required holding the button until the bootloader recognized it - on this Fuze, I really need to hold the left button BEFORE I turn it on, and keep it pressed until I see the Sansa startup screeen. This caused me concern at first that the OF wasn't booting (and I actually tried to update the Sansa firmware to the latest version in order to try "re-install" it). It wasn't until I accidentally pressed it too early that I realized the OF still worked.

3. IIRC, Rockbox now allows various formats for album art. None of my album art is showing up in the OF because it was all converted previously to work on my old RB'ed Sansa e270. Is there a common format that album art can share between both firmwares now, and is there an easy way (using Mac OSX) to get my existing RB album art to be seen by Fuze's OF?

4. Charging is probably my 2nd biggest problem after the ghost skipping:
It seems that the supplied charger is the same as the one I have from my old e270 -that's excellent, as I now have a spare. The bad part is that ONLY my computer USB port seems to charge the Fuze. I was able to use just about ANY USB port to charge the e270 - the one on the front of my cable box was PERFECT! Has anyone found a USB port that charges the Fuze besides paying for a dock or hooking it to a computer (which in my case, isn't convenient on a daily basis)?

5. I ended up using the OF to "delete" the tracks that came with the player. Is there a way to do this when connected to my Mac? I had the same problem with my old e270. I believe the OF is seen as a different mount point, filing system or SOMETHING, which prevents me from simply trashing tracks that are "within" (for lack of a better description) the Sansa's OF.
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