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Default Player won't show up in MP3gain.

Hey there,

I've got this habit of using mp3gain to normalize files on my players after I've synced with them.Normally I'll just open mp3gain and i can select the music folder and away we go,but I've got myself an A-845 now but it wont show up in any other software program except windows.

I've already used mp3gain on my computer library but i've got a lot of flac files on there so when they are converted to the player the volume difference is pretty annoying.Even using dynamic normalizer doesn't seem to help.if i could get the player to show up in mp3gain then i'd be a happy man.any bright sparks out there ?

Cheers Vinny
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Thread title (original 'Baffled') changed. Please use descriptive titles.

The player uses MTP for file transfer and USB connection, normal Windows programs can't see it (thanks, Microsoft, for that intelligent and useful invention).

You can trick the player into showing up as a normal MSC/UMS device (like any USB memory stick or external HDD) in Windows though. If you follow these steps, you can access the player normally in Windows, with any app:
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Sorry about the thread title dfkt .

Just to let you know,your solution worked a charm.thank you so've made me a happy man
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