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Default Experimental isanggon build for Sansa fuze v2

Download :

Bootloader :

Source code :

Original post :

Note :

You can use skip/prev track button while hold button is on. This function can be disabled by option.
You can access your music folder directly through "Music" or "Music2" on main menu. These menu can hide by option(in file view option). Also, you can change music folder in folder browser(in context menu).
When you change ignoring "the" option, you should re-initialize database. If you don't, there are no difference on database.
Support 24band EQ and anti-aliased font.
Sometimes, turn on "dircache" function can speed up UI response.
Default theme was changed to slightly modified rayboradio_fuze_v2

Comment for added/changed key maps :
1. Pressing long play button will call "/_Shortcuts" folder. You can set favorites link on _shortcuts folder in context menu. You must creat "/_Shortcuts" folder before use this function.
2. You can use skip/prev track button while hold button is on. This function can be disabled by option.
2. FM mode change button was changed to Select + Play button.

Added Patch :

015_FS#10683_d2trackskipping_v1_moded_for_fuzev2.p atch

Latest version : r27238, 2010-07-03

Last edited by isanggon; 07-02-2010 at 01:20 PM. Reason: update to r27238, 2010-07-03
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Before to try, could you tell us what are the advantages and diferences over the official builds?
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I used Isanggon's builds on my e280 before it bit the dust and liked them. I particularly liked the AA fonts which may or may not ever get into the official build. I'll try it when I get a few minutes.

@permansu: The differences between the official build and this custom build are outlined in the first post of this thread (not trying to be rude, just no reason to re-list them). Custom builds like this one are usually a modified or customized version of Rockbox by a user to his/her tastes for his/her personal use and generously shared with the rest of the world. The build is typically from the official Rockbox source code with patches added. No guarantees or support included unless the builder feels like it. There were several of these for the e200 before they got USB and viewports working.
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I'm gonna try the V1 version on your site. Do you have any anti-aliased fonts available or will I have to convert them myself?
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I uploaded aa-fonts that used on modified rayboradio_fuze_v2 theme. Font size is 9 to 20.
You can download here.
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Updated to r27238.
More useful function was added.
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where can a person get aa fonts or info on converting the stock fonts to AA fonts?

could we get a modified version of no ones laughing now and blue blackness (and the nimbus font)

really do like some things about this mod, the font def looks smoother

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hi you have an updated version for the fuze v1? i just recently acquired a fuze v1 and i was wondering if you made a build for that too..i enjoyed your build on the clip+ especially the 24band eq..anything will be appreciated thanks!
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