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Default Zune Pass billed Erroneously

lol I am really getting tired of the ZHD/Zune Pass. About 2 weeks ago I canceled my Zune Pass seeing how I planned on sending my ZHD into the repair center again (locks up on the "Done" screen when syncing doesn't fully sync content and occasionally won't power up, already tried troubleshooting with tech support with no luck)

Even though my Zune pass had been canceled two weeks prior to being billed again, I still got charged for the next month of Zune Pass service at first I figured it was a mistake and would disappear off of my account (which was still an annoyance) seeing how it was still a pending charge. The charge is now fully posted to my account as of yesterday even better is the fact Zune Marketplace thinks my Zune Pass has expired and a day prior to the charge going through I received an e-mail from Zune stating my Subscription had expired... Thanks M$ for stealing my money.

To top it all off it appears my ZHD dock is pretty much dead. At first it stopped allowing me to play videos through it (about a month ago) which is about the same time the Zune started acting up. At this point the ZHD dock won't even allow me to play music through it. I originally figured it was the ZHD itself but when I dropped the ZHD into my old ZK501 it started playing music w/o a problem... Now I get to have several lengthy phone calls with Zune Support ^%@#
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