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Default nwz-E345 USB not working nor charging

Title says it all! Less than a month old and this morning I found to my horror that it will not charge nor connect!! Any tips or fixes? I tried reset to no avail! HALP!!
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Leave it plugged in longer. It may even need to sit for a couple days and then have you try to charge it then.
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Originally Posted by jabbermacy View Post
Title says it all! Less than a month old and this morning I found to my horror that it will not charge nor connect!! Any tips or fixes? I tried reset to no avail! HALP!!

I have a solution to a similar problem (Windows/driver related), but I can not guarantee that it will work since there are other causes which can cause similar symptoms, such as dead battery (but can you turn on the player?), cable problems or other hardware related issues.

So, lets try out the solution (for me it works every time when my computer can't detect or re-charge my WALKMAN mp3 player).

When you have a problem with the MTP Device that won't show up in "My Computer", then you can try the following:

1. if you are seeing an exclamation mark (!) in Device Manager (via Control Panel > Hardware > System > Portable Devices > Walkman NWZ-XXXX) select Walman NWZ-XXXX, right click > Properties then go to Driver > update driver...

2. when Windows ask you whether it can connect to Windows update to search the software (driver), you simply select "No, not this time". After this choose "Install the software automatically (Recommended)". The problem (with the exclaimation mark (!)) should go a way after this and normally, the computer can now detect your WALKMAN correctly. Everything should work now, e.g. recharging battery, transfer video/music etc..

Hope this works for you,

Good luck!
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Did you guys/gals notice you posted your question in the Sony S Section and not the Sony E Series section? I mention this as only a few of us own the S Series, and the E Series is more popular - and you'd get a much faster response in the E Series section.

Just an FYI,.......................
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HI I registered here because I had the exact same problem with a walkman that I got for free... the solution was to take it apart and carefully clean it with alcohol then let it dry and reasemble (carefully!). the problem (on mine atleast) was the off button shorting and if you constantly press a button it also won't charge... so long story short I upgraded to 16gb from 4gb (nwz-s636f) for free wooo!

hope this helps
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Ok. this is what I've done so far:
1) take out the two screws on the back
2) Take off the back
3) take out the screws holding in the screen
4) take off the front

But how do I get under the keys? This is driving me crazy. I even ended up trying to cut some of the plastic just so the thing would slide out.
It's caught and there's no obvious screw/catch.
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