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Default Pacman *Final Version*

Final Version
Added levels
Added menu
Added info
Fixed highscore completely
Updated bonus fruit

Fixed highscore

Added bonus fruit and improved ghost release system

Update: Glitch that exits after two plays has been fixed


Game Engine
Scoring system

Pacman animation
Smooth moving
Lives system
Basic AI
Personalizied AI
Predictive Moving
Running ghosts
Ghost animation

red=not done
Blue= In progress

Blinky (red ghost)

Blinky ai simply tells him to chase you done using the route which shortens the distance, this is effective but can sometime leads him to go into a dead end.Without Pinky he would not be even half as good.

Pinky (pink ghost)

Pinky uses the same system as Blinky but try to get infront of you so therefore setting up an ambush. Blinky chases you around and then Pinky blocks your escape. The only way to escape him is to face him and he will then try to turn around.

Inky (blue ghost)

Inky doesnt seem to get involed much in the action but if you get to close he will chase you down, dont let his calm nature fool you!!!

Clyde (orange ghost)

Clyde acts like the stupid one but actually he is quite clever. First he will chase you until he gets close then he will start moving randomly arounf until you move out of range then he will chase you down and start......
He is very tricky as he is always near you randomly moving.

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