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Default Zune Pass on 2 Zunes with 2 Accounts - Should be easier

I've been looking into signing up for the Zune Pass. I've got a Zune HD, and so does my wife. Zune Pass terms of service indicate that it'll work for 3 Zunes on up to 3 computers. However, that Zune Pass will only work for one account. So my wife and I wouldn't be able to have our own personalized ratings and accounts if we both wanted to be on the same Zune Pass. (I've found workarounds for this, but they all seem kludgy and awkward.)

The Zune Pass would be great if it were slightly more like Netflix- For a Zune Pass, you would have a primary account, and the ability to add a couple of secondary accounts. You could keep the 3 Zune/3 PC limit just like it is, but you could have a different account on each Zune. That way, we can enjoy all the benefits of the Zune Pass while keeping all of our recommendations and ratings separate.

If necessary, when a secondary account would do something with the Zune Pass, you could pop up a box and ask for the primary account's password- kind of like how UAC asks for the admin password when you do something privileged. That way it would be easy for MS to keep track of the 10 dls per month.

Any thoughts/suggestions?

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