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Default Song Tag Fixing [Sorry if wrong sub-forum!]


After months of reading up on PMPs, finally decided to get the X-Fi 2, just finding a distributor in Australia or at least a retailer I can get to price match with, then I'll have one =D

Before then, I want to fix up all the tags on my songs. I've seen that MP3Tag [or something] program being tossed around the place, and also noticed that it's free. Although, it would be nice if there was a program that automatically does it based on samples from the file :P

Would anyone happen to know where to obtain a copy of that type of program? [Whether it's free or pay, although a program like that is probably pay] Preferably, one that is known to work well with X-Fi 2 after editing I've tried using the MediaTune or something [itunes attachment] and also TidySongs in the past to not much avail =(

Thanks, in advance,
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Hey, Welcome to ABi...Mods please move this thread as appropriate :-)

mp3Tag is indeed the ID2 tagger of choice for many people, including myself. I prefer it as it gives me complete control over my tagging. It also searches a Amazon and others for album art.

For a fancier, more automated tagging process, download and install MediaMonkey. Warning: The Monkey is a GREAT PROGRAM, but is quite deep in its capabilities. It will do what you are asking for [automated tagging] but does take some effort on your part to learn stuff about how the app works.

The free MediaMonkey is all you really need. Though it is such an excellent app that you should consider paying for it if it does what you want.

cheers and good luck,
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Mp3Tag can also do this, right? It's one of the buttons with a yellow arrow, the second from the left.
It takes the info from the filename and places it in the tag. Maybe MediaMonkey is more powerful but anyway Mp3Tag can also do this.
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Woah thanks for the replies! =DD

One thing I found though, the auto-tagging that programs does doesn't affect the 'details' that show up in windows explorer, huh? =S
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