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Default Replacement sony headphones for NWZ-S716

Hey guys!
I have a Sony NWZ-S716 player and it is an awesome piece of equipment. But problem is, the original headphones that came with it have been damaged. However, I'm not sure where i can find genuine replacement headphones. Amazon didn't have much luck. Not particularly keen on ebay, but if nowhere else suits, then that will probably have to do. I found this seller, and he claims that he sources the headphones from customs? and I'm not very sure. Any knowledge/help here would be really appreciated!

Thank you!
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You can generally find Sony earbuds and low-end IEMs on amazon for very cheap. Just getting a pair of the Sony EX38 would be a step above the original earbuds packaged with the player. If you have access to a Best Buy, Target or Radioshack, you can get any of the low-end Sony earbuds or IEMs for $20-30. But amazon is cheapest. I would upgrade to one of those over trying to replace the same earbuds.
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I see,
But it seems the sony EX38 don't have the noise cancelling capabilities of the original ones. I mean, the original ones have a mic on the end of the earphones which sends a noise signal to the unit, which then works to reduce the outside noise. So, I would like that function too.....
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