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Old 01-17-2012, 11:53 PM
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Sorry to bring up such an old topic but I figured there is no point in starting a new topic on this issue. Well I had a similar issue. I have had my Fuze for years now and was recently having issues with the wheel as well.

I was going to try alcohol as it wont hurt electronics in a small dose but its not a good lubricant. I then got an idea. I have this oil specifically for my electric razor, as it sometimes needs to be oiled similar to a shredder once in a while. It's a very small bottle that I can slowly dab a few drops and then spin the wheel with a tissue and spun it for a while back and forth for a good minute and it seemed to have fixed the problem for now. It wont hurt the electronics as it is used for my electronic razor and is meant as a oil/lubricant for it.

So I hope maybe this helps some people out there in the future with this issue. I'll make any updates if there is problems again or if it does not hold long.
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Old 01-18-2012, 04:35 PM
mikee mikee is offline
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I don't have my fuze anymore. I had a first one that came with the stiff wheel then I got a new one that lasted 4 months then went stiff. The wheel freed up for a little while but went stiff again so i bought a sansa clip plus which has worked well for a year and continues to give very good service. I have come to the conclusion that fuzes have problematic scroll wheels so I avoid them now. I was going to go with a fuze + I tried it in store and the touch controls suck right out of the box
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