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Default Freshly RB'd Clip+: some Qs

I've just RB'd my 8+16gb Clip+ and so far I am pretty happy with the results. The usability is much improved (not least because RB fonts are smaller and allow for more screen lines). Kudos to the devs for a great piece of software.

Anyway, I still have a few questions where I couldn't find answers in the docs or online.

1. I have about 12k tracks (64kb WMA VBR) on the player and navigating them via "Files" seems to work all right (I have not checked all these tracks, obviously). The "Database" feature works, sort of, but stops indexing tracks when it reaches ~track 9820. The player then hangs and the only way out is pressing OFF until it switches off. Upon switching on, no database entries (or database files) exist. Any ideas?

2. In the "Files" menu I have two entries "##MUSIC#" and "##PORT#". What are these for?

3. Is there a way to configure the RockboxUI to load native codecs? The Clip+ RockboxUI tries to load the standard WMA codec but as this is Clip+ firmware and not x86 code, it won't load. I've seen that RockboxUI copies the required codec to a temp DLL and tries to load that, so I speculated it might be possible to "smuggle in" the required codec DLL by copying it into the codecs directory.

Thanks for any hints...

Cheers wm
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