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Default My xfi and how its still going.

Its still going strong for me, but Im dissapointed in the radio reception, fades in and out depending on terrain, and the battery life with the radio is only ten hours? I thought it was supposed to be a lot more? I have everything turned off ie the x chrystal and the other thing, cant remember what it is. I still havnt tried it with the lock on all the time, but thats a pain as I need to flick between two radio stations as one fades out, so any other ideas on how to make it last longer? Other than that its been great.
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I'm not sure if using the radio uses more battery power or not but 10 hours seems pretty sort. I've never been impressed by the radio on any of my DAPs because the reception always sucks. If you want something better I would suggest a standalone radio.
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AFAIK it uses the headphone cable for reception, which means that some headphones might have worse reception than others.
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