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Default Can't find music files in internal memory

This is the first time I've tried to access my music files in the internal memory via my computer since installing rockbox. Although the computer shows only 170 mb available out of 8 GB, no music files show up in Windows explorer or under My computer. What am I doing wrong? The files on the 16 GB external card show.

Thanks for the help.
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You probably had your Clip in MTP mode when transferring music over, and now it is in MSC mode. Sansa players are extremely stupid that way, and music transferred one way won't show up the other way.
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Default Missing files internal memory

Found it-Thanks.

Actually I needed to place the device into MSC mode. Now it shows up as 2 separate drives.
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With the Clip, at least with the OF, your computer only can see the files that were transferred in the USB mode that the computer then is connected to the Clip under. To avoid this issue, use one USB mode consistently, and avoid the Auto setting, which will start out trying to use MTP mode but then fall back to MSC mode, if necessary.

If you have transferred files in both MTP and MSC modes, to clean things up for you now, you could: transfer all your Clip's contents to your computer, doing it under both MTP and MSC modes; delete the content on the Clip; set the Clip to MSC mode; and transfer everything back. And then stay on MSC mode. (Note that if you update the OF, the Clip may reset to Auto mode--check it, and reset it to MSC.)
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