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Default I Need to Clear Old Songs Off my Zune

I have been doing major id3 tag maintenance. Apparently, I did some of it without my Zune connected and the software running, and as a result, I have duplicated songs in my hardware that do not exist with the same tags in my software.

When I synced the Zune, it ADDED a bunch of those songs, rather than updating the tag info or removing the old songs.

I think I have the tags all correct, and more importantly, songs are rated for synchronization (about 8,000 out of 30,000 that I sync).

The only way I can think of to get all the old songs with bad tags off the Zune itself is to erase all content, then resync. Is this right? If I do this, am I going to be able to successfully restore my collection as I want it, or will it remove everything from my software, including ratings?

If I erase all content, will it actually remove the songs with bad tags, which it doesn't appear to see from the software, or will it leave them on the device because it doesn't know they are there?
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