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Default Cowon iaudio 9 or S9

Hi everyone. I was thinking of getting either the Cowon iaudio 9 or S9. Do you know if they are compatible with any music subscription service like Rhapsody or Napster. Thanks in advance.
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Streaming subscriptions for either site, do not work on Cowon products. Only the songs that you purchase will transfer over.

Players that work with Rhapsody

Napster does not support portable streaming unless your player is internet based. (mobile internet or wifi)
...and even then I think you'll still need flash for it to work...not sure though
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I assume you are talking about the services where you actually download DRMed songs, such as "Napster To Go", for a certain price per month, not stream.

I contacted Cowon about this through their live chat, and I was told that it would work on the Iaudio9 if I changed the USB mode over to MTP, however, I have not ever heard a confirmation that this actually works. If it truly works on the Iaudio 9, I would assume it would also work on the S9.

If I were you, I would contact them first before you buy to make sure. Or look around to see if that actually works.
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How exactly does one go about changing the USB mode on the i9?
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Originally Posted by CarlB57 View Post
How exactly does one go about changing the USB mode on the i9?
Settings > System > USB Mode, yes that easy.

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