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Old 10-10-2010, 09:23 PM
drspark61 drspark61 is offline
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I put a Best Skins Ever on the front plate of my Fuze AND picked up the 3-pack of silicone skins for sale at Radio Shack for $5. The silicone skin fits perfectly (color choices were only black, red and pink), and the Best Skins Ever went on suprisingly easy and would have looked flawless had I not put the player in my pocket before the water had dried, causing the skin to bubble up in a couple of places. Short of a force field, I don't think I could do any more to protect my player. Looks great, too!
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Old 10-11-2010, 03:29 AM
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I'm also using those RadioShack silicone skins; hard to beat for five bucks. I remember when the Fuze first came out, these same skins were $19.99, and still marked as such at some RS's. Just check the price, and you'll see they're normally around $4.97.

I use an e-book screen protector from Wal-Mart that's around six bucks for two in a pack. I just cut the protector to size and apply it. It's very rigid and has almost a matte finish to provide some anti-glare.

I have a hard case, too, and they are nice and very protective, as well. I just wanted to try something different this time with this, my second Fuze.
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Old 10-24-2010, 08:49 PM
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What are some good screen protectors for the Fuze. I just bought those Radioshack Gigaware Silicone covers and they seem to be of good quality and fit well. Now i just need a screen protector to go with the cases.

Are these any good:
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Old 10-24-2010, 09:31 PM
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I personally have a crystal case on mine. Really like it.
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