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Old 09-26-2010, 07:59 AM
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Default Device without firmware. PC doesn't recognize. Stuck in Recovery.


yesterday my ZVM (30GB) got stuck while I started a song and tried to adjust the volume almost at the same time. The problem was that I didn't had a paperclip or anything at that time to reset. My player remained stuck for apr. 1h30 (it felt hot). Then I pressed reset, but when it should come to the 'Rebuilding Library' screen, it just went black, the leds remained on and it didn't respond to anything. Eventualy it went out (because of the battery).
Now, I cannot charge the battery anymore. I can acces Recovery Mode, but only while the player is connected via USB (the charging battery icon is shown, but does not charge). I have tried Clean Up, Format, but each Reboot goes the same: first 2 launch screens, then black and after a while just flashing blue led.
Creative Support told me to Reload the firmware with the MP3 Recovery Tool. I deleted the old firmware on the player. MP3 RT did 'recognize' my player, downloaded the firmware, but then the dialog shows "Your player is not connected, please connect your player". (also tried the hacked version of firmware > same message).
The thing is that some people have their device recognized, saying it is a 50mb device; but mine isn't recognized by PC at all (not on XP SP3, not on Windows 7).
So now, the firmware is removed, but I can't install the new version. When I tried Reboot after Reload Firmware, it sais ofcourse 'firmware error', goes to Recovery and even sais "Docked". But it still isn't found in Windows.
Please help me. There can't be anything damaged, since I didn't drop or break my ZVM.
*Edit: just tried in Windows 7 and it is recognized as a 50MB device! What can I do next to install new firmware? The Recovery Tool does not work in this OS and running the firmware installer (original and hacked) still say that the player is not connected...
*Scratch that; I have tried this:
It gave an error and now I'm not even able to acces Recovery Mode immediately. It takes some time.
@ Mods: sorry I did not see this earlier. Could you move it to repair forum please?

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