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Default cowon x7

since there is no any cowon x7 post...

Guys I'm really wondering about many web sources it says that x7 will(by old comments) appear about end of this summer etc... but even cowon's official web site does not announced it yet...
And, there are many fake pics at the web , does this mean x7 is still a dream which will not become true. or is there more news about it's production...

I really loved my old x5, it was most superior player I've ever used(sound quality, wideness, BBE...), but he pass:..( after that I get sansa clip + (8gb + 16gb micro sdhc) . and this players portability and total music capacity with nice clean sound (I mean less effects like "super-bass" bla bla bla...) makes this player also to be unique by my opinion. Oo God, but I think it pass also (he closed his eyes(screen) and doesn't open them up...and when I'm connecting it to PC by holding power button(it's only way to connect it, for now) PC doesn't recognize any storage memory of it(means 0 bytes total 0 free space...). is there any way to bring him back)...

so now I'm searching really good sounding player with really big file capacity( more 20 gb and 200gb is max size)... really means really, something like the best. And of course x7 will be best shot for me (also for cowon)
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If you've been following the Head-Fi thread about the X7, you'll see that the product appears to have been finalized, and is hopefully headed towards general availability (in Korea at least) with a touchscreen interface, and 80GB and 120GB storage options, with the latter having Bluetooth functionality. The X7 also has FCC clearance, so they must be planning to make it available in the states as well.

Nothing about the screen size or battery life has been mentioned so far, but Cowon mentioned in their press release/interview that they're targeting Korean high school kids with this (so I'm fairly certain the screen won't be too huge) and will price it lower than the IPod (in Korea, where foreign electronics tend to be priced higher than local ones).

Here's the head-fi link:
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Originally Posted by analogia View Post
since there is no any cowon x7 post...

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