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Default DoodleJump alpha

Since I'm not sure if matthijs1929 is still going to port it and I now have something that I think is worthy of an alpha stage I thought I'd upload it.

Thanks to Diddykong13: All accelerometer controls are designed by Diddykong13, as taken from the game "Falling Balls".

For the rest, I coded it myself after watching some videos of the gameplay so there sure will be differences with the original game. If you can point them out I'll try to update it likewise.
Themes are not included (yet).

Any comments or advice on the randomization for new platforms and enemies would be very welcome since this isn't my strongest part.. right now it's partially dependent on the score but I'd like to make adjustments to it if you have any suggestions.

The game is quite self-explanatory, you tilt the player and Doodle will move in that direction. You can click on the screen to shoot enemies and it'll shoot in the relative direction from Doodle to your finger.
Homebutton pauses the game and shows a menu where you can save this game and continue at a later time. Pressing homebutton again will exit the game without saving.

Suggestions (I'd like comments on these)
  • The game should be more zoomed in and have bigger images
  • Doodle should be jumping lower/higher, and the trampoline-jump should be lower/higher
  • Accelerometer is too sensitive

Version 0.8
Just a little update, Doodle now jumps a little lower, perhaps making it a little harder but it should look more natural. I addressed the idle shutdown problem, and changed the coding of the menu a bit and added the possibility to load new themes, but that's disabled for now since I still have to prepare the pics.

Version 0.81
Thank jbob182 for not being able to cheat anymore

You'll notice I took the pics from the PSP game, and although they might be copyrighted (not sure since I took it from another homebrew game) I take it Lima Sky or Apple don't really care since they can't sell this on the X-Fi2 anyway. I guess this is rather some sort of free advertising for them and wouldn't hurt their business in any way. If I'm still not allowed to use this material then let me know and I'll take it down and I'll think of some other name and pictures to use.
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