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Default Clip+ dynamic playlist generation; "intelligent" shuffle mode

Re creating large playlists, I've now played around with this and a 8+16gb Clip+ with directory cache enabled, database loaded into RAM and a 10171 track playlist still has a ~4mb audio buffer. Just a datapoint if someone else tries to do this.

The first question: if I have database loading into RAM DISabled and create a huge playlist, I see the display steadily counting down the tracks from 10171 to 0. Takes about 15 seconds, then play starts. With database loading into RAM ENabled the display also starts counting down from 10171 but when it reaches ~9600 it completely stops updating the display. I first thought this meant a crashed Clip+, but after 12 or 13 seconds the player does start to play and the playlist is correctly created. This is reproducible. What gives?

The other question (or suggestion): there are two fundamentally different modes of listening for me (and I suspect I am not the only one). Either I listen to a single album, then I want in 99% of all cases to listen in the track order. Or I listen to more than one album, then I want in perhaps 90% of all cases to listen in shuffle mode. Is there a way to have the player start with normal play mode if one album is selected to play and with shuffle mode if more than one album is selected?

If not, would it be worthwhile to suggest this at the appropriate place (which I don't know)?

Cheers wm
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