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Default Windows Phone 7 Will Launch With 2,000 Apps

According to Engadget, Windows Phone 7 will launch with at least 2,000 apps according to a U.K. carrier roadmap. Of course, according to Neowin, Microsoft limited the apps submissions to 2,000 for the launch day because they do not want to overload their servers. This mean that the apps marketplace for WP7 should quickly grow after the official launch on October 11.
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I'm either getting a WP7 device, or another Android device when it's upgrade time at the end of the year. This is just another reason to consider a WP7 phone. I was looking at the iPhone - too buggy and too many hardware probs - no thanks.
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The hardest part about a large number of apps is creating a good database to make finding them easy. I have people show me a great app they have on their iPhone or Touch, and then trouble finding it in Apple's app store. And when an app catches on, dozens of wanna-bees will change their search keywords to be found when that popular app is searched for.
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Definitely Olley it's a pain in the ass at times. Searching for apps on apple's website is horrible, google search is the best to find app on their site which is kind of funny. Though searches on the app store app on the iphone itself are rarely arbitrary but downloading on itunes is better for backup/sync purposes.
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I totally agree with you Olley. What I hate most about any apps store is the number of copy-cat apps of the original and more often or not it is hard to find the quality apps you truly want.
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Watching the press conference now. Looks interesting. They do things differently than Android/iPhone with the homepage -- very similar to the Zune HD homepage, I think. It appears like it could be a formidable contender to Android and iPhone eventually, but we'll see.

BTW, Steve Ballmer is horrible at giving presentations. Thankfully, he handed it over to a more charismatic speaker to give the bulk of the presentation.
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