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Default Make Fuze into a jumpdrive/thumdrive

I busted the screen on my 8GB Fuze recently and decided that it was not worth trying to fix (just bought a new one). I was wondering if there is a way to turn my broken Fuze into a jumpdrive/thumbdrive/mass storage device?

I would like to load it with a few movies and stuff so I can take it on trips and/or connect it to my dvd player to watch videos straight from the device. Let me know as it would suck to let 8GB of valuable space go to waste.
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If it's set to MSC transfer mode, it already is a normal USB stick (as long as it still connects to a PC). If it's broken and in MTP mode, there's little you can do about it.
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^ Yeah, that is the problem I am having... I think my player was set to MTP or Auto Detect (which defaults to MTP) and then the screen broke.

I think I may have found a solution posted by Sandisk in which you can force the player into MSC mode --> Website
1. Turn device OFF.
2. Slide the Hold switch down to Lock (orange color showing).
3. Press and hold the left button ( |<< ) while connecting the device to the PC.

The only issue with the above is if the dvd player will recognize the drive when doing this. Worth a shot...
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