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Default Life after ZVM

Crying over my lost/stolen 60GB ZVM.
Absolutely loved it. Lost sleep 2 nights in a row wondering where the heck it could be.. not coming back I'm afraid.

Had it full. 50+ GB rock music over 5 decades, the rest for podcasts. Had moved all other genres to Sansa Fuzes + uSDHC cards.

So... where might I go next? Anyone been thru this before? What did you do? Actually I have a spare 12 GB total on an unused Fuze. For the meantime will put that in play.

Probably my main question is, I use podcasts A LOT. Liked how ZenCast Organizer worked; syncing was seamless. I liked how the podcasts were organized on the player, date-ordered and appropriately-named folders for each podcast subscription. What has anyone used and been happy with after that experience? Would appreciate any responses or links to good posts. Thanks so much everyone.
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Hmm I can kinda relate to that I think.. My Zen Vision was stolen from me in a bar, (ok I should have paid more attention to it perhaps, but still..) and I got the X-Fi2 as a replacement but it just isn't the same.. the screen is not as nice and the sound is different. I went with the Zen because I could afford it, Cowons were also on my list but they are more expensive, but I think the Cowon J3 or S9 would be a great replacement.

As for podcast support, I'm sorry I can't help you there. But I'm sure others will have experience with that. Maybe Fuze Rockbox has podcast support?
this is a link to my personal homepage which I haven't
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I also can't help but am also wondering the same thing - what's a good replacement? I've had my Zen for 3+ years (it was a display model, don't know how long it was sitting in the store on display) and based on life experience, i expect it to die any day now (although i'm not having problems with it).

I guess i'd just feel more secure knowing there's a good option in the future. I'd like at least 60GB, and prefer textile buttons to touch screens. I also want it to be easy to copy stuff to and from the player (as it is on this player) I wish i could just get another Vision M but it seems they don't sell them anymore, and the ones on ebay cost more than I paid for mine. Thoughts anyone?

And by the way, stealing is stealing - even if you're not paying 100% attention, stealing is wrong, and it makes me angry to hear about these thefts, although i know they happen all the time. I have taped a little piece of paper with my name and phone number to my Zen , and if i "lose" it and it is not returned to me, then i consider it theft.
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Default My own fault

Well for what it's worth, I blame myself; I've watched it closely since I've had it.

Thanks for the potential replacement tips so far. Oh, FWIW, a friend has the previous generation Zen and it's still ticking after 4-5 years. So apparently they do last.

Possible for me that Podcasts and high-capacity for music may be met by two different players; actually I hadn't been listening to much rock music lately so it's the podcast ease-of-use I miss most right now. Plug and sync, simple as that.
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The only part of the Zen that should ever pose problems is the HDD. Which is replaceable. I killed my Zen after one final drop over a year ago, and recently fixed it (it's for sale in the classifieds here). The only other issue I've ever run in to with ZVMs are the LCD breaking (mine broke as well as my friends). Otherwise, they'll last forever.

The only thing I really miss about the ZVM is the 60GB capacity (I use a Cowon S9 32GB now). The interface was nice, but I couldn't live without Gapless playback or folder browsing anymore since I've gotten it with the S9.
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