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Default ZVM 30GB mp3 loading problem.

Hi All,

I have a 30GB Zen Vision M that I connect to a PC running Windows Vista (64 bit). The player has been used very little and is in good shape. However, lately I've had a problem when uploading songs to the player.

I'm using Mediasource 3.30.35. and a few weeks ago was transferring a bunch of mp3s from my PC and one of the files got "stuck" at about 28% transferred. I cancelled the transfer and then the software got frozen and I had to do CTRL-ALT-DELETE to close it down. I also had to reboot the player as it was frozen on the "transfer" screen. I reconnected it and tried to transfer again but the software froze as soon as the transfer started and I had to reboot the player again.
I then went into Windows Explorer to see if I could transfer files that way and it wouldn't work either. When it was disconnected from the PC the player worked fine and for a few weeks I just listened to what was already on it.

Then a few weeks later I decided to try and fix it so I did a "clean up" - that didn't fix the problem. I tried a firmware reload (the firmware is the latest version btw) and that didn't work as a last resort I did a reformat which worked and I started to put music back on it.

Everything has been good for a couple of weeks but today I was adding more mp3s to the player and the same thing has happened again and now the player won't take anymore music. (I had put about 15-20 songs on OK but then it froze at 1% during one transfer).

The player is nowhere near full and has had varying amount of mp3s on it so I don't think it's freezing when a certain level of memory is full - but I'm wondering if the HD is bad at a certain spot?

Or could this be a software issue.

I don't want to have to keep reformatting it when I want to add new stuff to it. It's frustrating.

Any ideas/advice would be appreciated.


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