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Default Navigation: Clip+ vs. Fuze

I am deciding between Clip+ and a Fuze (not interested in a Fuze+).
I am aware of the advantages of the Clip+ (compact size and it has a clip) but suspect that navigation of files/songs and the menu could be better on the Fuze, due to it's lager screen. Is that true? BTW it is for music only, I do not plan on using it for video or pictures.
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I guess it is a matter of opinion. Some people say the larger screen of the Fuze makes it easier, and I guess if your close-up eyesight isn't the best, that may be the case....however, the controls of the Clip+ are much better to use.

It has a separate volume control, unlike the Fuze, and when spinning the Fuze's wheel, sometimes when you press select you find you accidentally scrolled the wheel one more space than you thought.

Don't get me wrong, I have both players, and I like them both....but I do use the Clip+ more often.
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I have both the Fuze and Clip+. When using the Clip+ I usually let albums play through, but on the Fuze I often search for individual songs. Navigation on the Fuze is so much easier than on the Clip+ due to the larger screen(6 list items displayed at once vs 3) and the scroll wheel. When I am very active I use a Clip or Clip+. I use the Fuze at home.
Ideally I would like a hybrid of the two. Also keep in mind that the Fuze has 20 hour battery life vs 12 for the Clip+, however since the Clip+ has a standard mini usb connector, the Clip+ is much easier to use with a usb battery pack than the Fuze is.
(There are many very compact usb mini cables, while cables for the Fuze are very large and bulky).
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Definitely the clip for ease of use, it's simple and intuitive.
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