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Default Would you advise me to buy a Sansa Fuze?

Hey all, great site you have here. Very interesting and informative
I'm an iPod user but I'm getting tired of the poor sound quality. I'm aware that audio quality is mainly dependent on earphones but my father has a Samsung PMP (I think it's a 'Q2' or something... it has blue touch controls and a chrome-style border) and I could hear quite a large difference in the sound of songs using the same pair of earphones.
I was thinking of picking up a Sandisk Sansa Fuze (V1) for 44 from Amazon in the 4GB model and buying a microSD card for additional storage. I was also thinking of grabbing a fairly decent pair of earbuds to accompany them.
I've heard many positive things about the Fuze but before I go for it, I was wondering if I was making the right decision. I'd like to keep to the cheap price and having 'unlimited' storage dependent on me buying microSD cards seems really appealing.
Two things about the Fuze I've read are bugging me a little:
1. Is the clickwheel abnormally loud? Buy "abnormally", I mean like... offputtingly loud. Is it a reason for me not to buy the Fuze?
2. Is the battery life bad? I've heard that it's not great but from the review I can apparently get a day out of it. But then I read on another thread that half a day is what another user got out of it, which seems quite disappointing.
Thanks in advance all. I'm certainly no expert so forgive me if I sound arrogant or what have you.
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