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Default Please Advise! e200v2 vs fuzev2 specs!

I want a e250v2 but im unsure because the fuze is supposed to be the next model up from it, and its only 7$ more on amazon...

I guess my real concern is SQ and Battery life, and from what i can tell from the rockbox website is this.. (from

"ARM922T datasheet as used in Fuze v1, e200 v2, Clip v1, C200 v2, M200 v4.
ARM926EJS datasheet as used in Fuze v2, Clip v2 and Clip +. "

So if i buy a new sansa it will be a v2, whether i buy a e200 or a fuze, so if i get the e200v2 it will use a ARM922T chip, and if i get a fuze v2 it will use a ARM926EJS chip.. MY question is, is the ARM926EJS any better in SQ over the ARM922T?? i know that somethins optimized on ARM926EJS for the codec's to play more efficiently or somethin so thats why the battery life is longer on them compared to those which have LESS battery life using RB.

"Clipv1/c200v2/m200v4/e200v2/Fuzev1: Battery life is quite shorter than when using the OF." --- which just so happens to be the same models that use ARM922T

And i wonder if theres any chance of them fixing the battery issues in RB sooner or later for the ARM922T models or if thats just a hadycap of the chip itself.

If its not any diff in SQ then i guess i can live with the gimped Battery life, because eventually both batteries will fail, and only the e200 series has cost effective battery replacments for it.

Also, are there any applications or features in RB that are gimped on the e200 due to the screen size, or is it just the games?
and just overall what do you guys think? like i hear the e200's are tuff little guys whereas the fuze's break alot more.. idk lol i used to thnk i was indicisive, now im not so sure...
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