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Default Couple of questions for I9 users, please

Since My iaudio G3 is dead i'm considering i9 as an alternative. I have some questions about features that are important to me, and I could not find answers.

1) Can FM recordings be scheduled?

2) Can you change FF/REW speed? If so, by how much? (x2,x4,x8? - etc)

3) Can you change playback speed? Particularly, can you increase playback speed?

4) Is there a bookmark option for long files?

5) Is there an option to pause microphone recording automatically when there's silence?

6) Can it record in high sampling rate (44khz)?

7) Can you hear sound while rewinding/ff'ing? (this is the only thing that my 6 year old iaudio G3 didn't have from the above list. Would be nice to have tho.. Iriver has is. Very useful)
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You might want to browse the manual, but in general the answer is 'yes' to most of your questions:

1) yes
2) not in "x" speeds, but in steps between 3sec and 30sec
3) 50-150%, also with (optional) pitch correction
4) yes
5) no
6) yes, but it records only in WMA format - no MP3 recording like on older Cowons anymore, due to licensing fees
7) yes
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Hey! dfkt.
I appreciate your help very very much!

I've read manuals for dozen other models (incl. cowon) and usually this kind of info is not available there, so I didn't even look there.

I'm very impressed with i9.
Looks like there's going to be one more i9 user after all.........
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