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Default before i make a purchase...

hello, been lurking around on the website and the forums since the beginning of november doing my research on a new mp3 player. after 6 years, i have finally given up on my creative labs nomad zen xtra. the thing doesn't hold a charge anymore (already tried a replacement battery, the original worked better!). the thing has been through alot, had to replace the hd after 15 foot fall. what else can i say, i love the thing, a fucking champ, but feel it's time to move on. so i'am thinking of the sansa fuze or maybe the sony NWZ-E355.

an acquaintance of mine has a sansa fuze, and he wasn't really able answer the questions clearly that i have about the device. so here we go:
i use my mp3 player for the most part at work on shuffle. what he told me is after you turn the fuze off, then later turn it back on, it won't start where you stopped it and it forgets it's position in the playlist/what was already played. is that true? will rockbox help with this? (if the price alone was not a selling point on this thing, that firmware could do it!)
are you able to play from both the internal memory and sd card (while in shuffle mode)?
and i remember reading on the abi page something about a 16gb micro sd card and the fuze. is it possible to have 8gb+16gb? or did i misread that article. think i might have, but you guys seem to be in the know

thanx in advance!!!
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