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Default Am getting white screen since Rockboxing V2 Fuze

I've been running Rockbox on my V1 Fuze for a while and love it. When it became stable on V2, I immediately installed it on my V2 Fuze, an 8 gig with an 8 gig memory card in it. And it's giving me issues.

Since USB is not enabled in Rockbox on V2, to get music on the player I boot into the original firmware, then connect the Fuze to my computer. When I connect the Fuze to my computer without booting into the original firmware, with the unit off, it powers on in Rockbox and the battery will charge, but the computer of course doesn't see it and I can't put music on it.

The thing is, when I'm in the original firmware, and then disconnect the unit ... I don't just unplug it, I eject first the Fuze then the disc ... I'm getting the white screen of death. It's going away when I hold the reset button up for 30 seconds or so, and the music I've added actually is there, but it's got me concerned. I had no problems with this unit until I installed Rockbox, and I don't know for sure but deductive reasoning would indicate that installing Rockbox caused this. And it is happening every time I disconnect the unit.

Does anyone have any idea what's going on or any suggestions to fix it? Do I need to maybe reinstall Rockbox? I really don't want to uninstall it, I've waited too long to be able to get it on this unit.
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