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Thumb Up Windows Phone 7 - Which should you get? ( on AT&T)

I've finally gotten the chance to mess around with the three launch phones on AT&T. I have to say, i'm quite impressed. The three of them had many differences, so more choice for the user. Of course, the only thing that will change in the OS is the apps included. Hardware, on the other hand, is very different.

LG Quantum :

I've been waiting to see this phone, because of the hardware keyboard. I have to say, while I like the idea of the hardware keyboard, it just did not meet my standards. Sadly, I did not like the way it felt. It was kind of plastic-y and just did not appeal to me. The design, also, did not feel like it was for humans. The keys are in a grid alignment, which doesn't work. They need to be spaced, somewhat, like a real keyboard should be. I say, if you're a keyboard like this and like it, then go for it.

Another feature of the Quantum is DLNA support. If you have a system that supports it, you should be able to play your media on your home entertainment system.

Other than that, I saw nothing special about it. It has your standard WP7 Specs.

HTC Surround:

I liked this phone for the gimmick. It has a slide out "surround sound" speaker. It also has a kickstand. I think it's good for somebody, like me, who shares their music and other media with friends.

Sadly, I think this was the only thing really special about this phone.

Samsung Focus:

This phone has a few features that I think makes it a nice choice. The Super Amoled Screen is amazing. I compared all three of the phones and the Focus' screen was the best. Very clear and vibrant colors. The images don't appear washed-out when viewed from another angle.

It was also very thin. In fact, I it ws the thinnest of the three. So, if you want something pocket friendly and light, go with the Focus.

It also has noise-canceling technology in it. Samsung claims the clears will be a lot clearer with it.

So, which of the three AT&T Windows Phone 7's do you like? I still have not decided which I want to purchase.
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I'm seeing the Samsung Focus as the best, considering it has an AMOLED screen (toasts the competition), and it has some great SQ (Samsung is known for their SQ).
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I just got the focus. The screen alone makes it stand above the competition. Yes, the back is plastic, and the chrome edges are a bit cheesy, and some people may have a problem with that, but I'm getting a case for it so that part is irrelevant.
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Once you put a case on it the phone is much more
solid feeling - provided it's a hard case.

Also, congrats & enjoy!!!
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Focus for the win. I love mine.
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