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Default Eq'ing heaven!

If you're new to the i9 you may be overlooking the best feature of the device. Equalizing.
This is a good link for adjusting you BBE settings.
just press and hold the play button and scrool up to the top icon. ||||
press play, and you can bounce through the Eq settings.

Then you can go to Settings and adjust the four user settings.

This link can get you started on what sounds good to others.
of course you phones and ears may vary. One thing it has done for me is to really use the Reverb alot more.

So what do you use on your I9 and J3. I use Weston UM3x I listen to everything but focus more on separation and the little things in a selection so not too much bass but still punchy. I headset don't need too much adjustment YMMV.

80 Hz : +6 : Wide
220 Hz : +2 : Normal
650 Hz : +0 : Wide
3.0 kHz : +1 : Normal
13 kHz : +4 : Wide

BBE : 4
Mach3bass : 8
3D Surround : 2
MP enhance : On
Stereo Enhance : 5
Reverb : 2

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I am baffled at the fact that a lot of the people posting in that thread don't even post what phones' they are using which is the most important information.
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They all mostly use the same v-shaped EQ anyways, no matter if positive or negative values. But yeah, threads like that are generally not very useful.
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I use what sounds best with the phones Iím using and the sound quality my ears prefer best, so I donít pay attention to other peeps settings. I prefer to adjust to my liking and use negative values for the EQ vs positive ones but if I do use a little positive itís only 1 or 2 notches above flat, as I feel that too much boost adds noise to my ears. I also like to use BBE 1, Mach3Bass 3, 3D Surround 1 and MP Enhance off. I love the 4 user profiles they introduced with JetEffect 3.0 that allow you to save up to 4 profiles, I just set one up for each of the phones I like to use and it makes changing out your iemís that much easier.

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i only have my cx880s apart from some old Sony ones which aren't as good, so I guess I'm going to experiment with different settings.

I didn't realise that Jeteffect had so many settings.
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Default After more living I have come to this...

DFKT is correct again! Its all personal pref. so there is no one answer, setting. Play with your own EQs and you will get to a point that you like what you hear.

close thread
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ok - I have my EQ settings as 1, -1, 0, 0, 1 all normal.

BBE 4, Mach3Bass 3,
3D surround 2, MP enhance Off, Stereo Enhance Off, Reverb Off

That sounds fairly good with my iems, what I'd like to know is what they've done with their presets, ie is there anything which shows the settings, amount of bass and treble, whether they have 3D, Reverb etc in Viva 2, Maestro etc so i can tailor my settings further.
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