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Default Can't access files on my computer

Hi, I was having a problem where I loaded some files on my Sansa Fuze using the software that comes with it and then I switched to simply dragging the files into the fuze directly.
Now all the files that I added by use of the software do not show up in any folders on my computer although they are still on my fuze, so I can't delete them. Does any one have any advice? I hope that makes sense, thanks.
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You need to change the settings back to MTP to access those files that you used the software to add music to your player and remove/backup the music, then switch back to MSC and copy them back on. The player can only be in one mode MTP or MSC and it will only see the files that were added with the current protocol.
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Yah WimpyPete, +1 with Adub. The old "disappearing files" thing is extremely common on Sandisk players. Best you can do:

- choose a mode, either MSC or MTP and stick with it [avoid the silly Auto setting at all costs as it just confuses the issue]. Most prefer MSC but there are some MTP users.

But that is a discussion for another thread [or you can search ABi to read up on that minor debate ]
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thanks a lot guys I appreciate it
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