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Default player only accesses and shows external card songs

when i have the player connected to my laptop, it shows the songs on the internal memory on there but for some reason when i am using the player by itself, it only shows and accesses the songs on the external card. this just happened a few days ago.

prior to that, i could access everything from either the internal memory or external card memory.

i saw an earlier post:

but wasn't sure how to implement this fix
(To put it another way: set the "USB Mode" to either "MTP" or "MSC" in the Settings > System Settings menu.)
thank you in advance.
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If you have copies of the files on your pc, then format the player via it's menu. After that, set the USB mode on the player to MSC(unless you use protected files. If you use protected files then choose MTP). Reconnect the player, and copy the files to the player again.
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Anytime you see > or => those are the directions to work through the menu tree.

Main Menu > Settings > System Settings > USB Mode >.

Before you change that you need to take of every thing you can see now because that will be invisible once you switch modes. Once you switch modes then remove the rest. Then reload the files in whatever mode you choose.

Avoid Autodetect as it will switch modes without notification. Too frequently that causes the "invisible files" problem. I have to wonder if there may be another problem though. I haven't used MTP on with Sansa in quite a while. I thought the player could see everything regardless of transfer mode.

I'm not going to unload/reload a player in MTP just to test my memory though. Maybe someone that uses MTP will know.
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