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Default my compouter isn't detecting my fuze

so heres the story:
ive had my fuze for about a year now. ive been plugging it in to my computer, dragging and dropping like i usually do.
but a couple days ago i plugged it in and nothing happened, well not nothing exactly.
on the mp3 player itself, it turned on, like it was playing music, and had a little lightning bolt beside the battery telling me that it was charging. and on my desktop, nothing. ABSOLUTELY nothing. no ding-ding, no beeps, not even an "unrecognized device detected"
i have tried everything i could find, ive changed it to MTP and MSC and ive tried doing that thing where you turn "hold" on and plug it in while holding the left button. and ive tried going into my computer but its acting like there is nothing plugged into the computer at all. the weard thing is it was all working 3 days ago, and i havent done anything differently.

can anyone help me? and sorry about the long rant.
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