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Default Flawed gapless playback with Rockbox

Hello, I just recently got my Clip+ and almost immediately Rockboxed it. I'm having a weird issue, however, with the gapless playback. When the music is transitioning from track to track, there is the slightest hiccup, just a fraction of a second. This occurs with both crossfade off and with it on at 0 seconds. My files are 256kbps MP3's ripped with Rhythmbox (LAME).

One thing I thought might be the cause is that I manage my library with iTunes (since I also have a couple iPods), and that my songs are all checked as gapless in the file options, and that that might be creating a compatibility issue. So I unchecked that box for one of my albums, but the hiccup remains (again with crossfade on and off).

This is odd because the OF was able to play gaplessly perfectly, much better than what I've read. Am I missing something to enable true gapless with Rockbox?
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