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Default Dual Boot Problem

Hi guys. Great forum and I thank all of you for advancing the capability of these units. Finally signed up now that I've got an issue that I can't find via the search function Probably not a solvable problem either, haha, but I'll pose it nonetheless.

I've been happily running a rockboxed v2 Fuze for quite awhile (a v1 previously, and an e260 before that...). Every now and then I want to plug in my Fiio E5 and use the LOD to drive higher impedance phones, thus requiring the original firmware. My on/off switch has gradually loosened up though, so when I turn the Fuze on now, I can almost never manage to depress the center button fast enough to avoid having it boot into Rockbox.

Pretty much the only way I can guarantee a boot into the original firmware is by plugging it into the PC, which is less than optimal.

Has anyone experienced this? Are there any settings I can tweak to cause a slight delay in the boot process? Thanks in advance.
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