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Default Case for Fuze and IEMs?

I'm looking for a padded (neoprene type) case in which I can carry a Fuze and a set of IEMs and throw them into a gym bag or backpack. Doesn't seem like there's much available to hold both a player and IEMs in separate compartments.

I want something to hold both so that I don't have to dig two separate things out of a pack and I want them separated in the case so that the IEMs don't scratch up the player. Thinking that maybe there's something available for small digital cameras that might work.
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I use a small zip-around camera case to hold my Fuze, earbuds and the USB cable. They all fit nicely, and I slip the Fuze into the mesh pocket with the screen facing the inside wall of the case to keep it protected. It's not neoprene, but it works and I can just toss the case into my pack.
Here's something similar to what I use (got mine at BB)
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The small camera bag is a good idea, although I haven't tried it. The case that Fallstar linked looks nice too.

I have been thinking of buying a pair of V-Moda Spin earphones from the Ebay store 128headphones. Not so much for the earphones, but for the nice looking case that comes with it. $5 US (shipping included) if you can handle pink earphones. Black are $3 more (better picture of the case in the pink one). Recently there was also a blue pair for $8 (if my memory is OK tonight).

Some of the V-Moda Faze earphones (black $10) also come with a case, but no worthwhile pictures of that case.

If interested you could try emailing the seller for more info, and possibly a better picture.

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Altoids tin with some stick-on felt inside to prevent scratches.
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I didn't realize it until now, but Sansa sells a case for the Fuze+.
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