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Default I think I want a PDA

(Sorry in advance if this gets too long!)

Recently I've been considering saving up for an ipod, but I'm not sure I really want to go with apple. I started looking into alternatives, and ran across the new Archos internet tablets. I've looked at the 28, 32, and 43. The 43 looks really nice, but it's out of my price range right now.

I really don't know anything about android, as I've never used it before. Well as far as that goes, I've never used apple, either. The closet thing I've had to any of these would be my old Palm T/X (which I loved!).

I made a list of everything I want the device to do.
1. I'd like to install a Bible like Olive Tree - something that is easy to navigate, and preferably free.
2. I'd like basic word processing. It doesn't need MS Word, even something simple like notepad would work. I just need something I can use to enter in text.
3. Email. I'd like some sort of program that works with gmail, so I could download my email when I have a wireless connection, and read it at my leisure. I also want to be able to compose a message and save it, and then send it when I'm back in wireless range. Oh, and I'd prefer if this program can leave the email on the server, so I can still get it with my computer when I'm home. (I think that's IMAP?)
4. I'd like an ebook reader for non-DRM books.
5. I'd really like a calendar I can record appointments in, so I can see at a glance what I've got going on when I'm away from home.

After looking over my list I realized what I'm really looking for is a PDA. :-) Will the Archos 28, 32 and 43 do these five things? I really like what I see with the 43, but for that I'd have to probably save another year. I think the 28 will be too small, so I guess that leaves the 32.

One thing that intrigues me is the video out. I'd actually consider saving up for the 43 if I'd be able to stream Netflix from that to my TV with some sort of cable. (I know netflix doesn't have an app for android, but if they ever did that would be really cool!) Does the Archos 43 only connect to HDTV's, or will it also connect to older TV's? And with the 32, if we were to ever get an HDTV down the road, can that connect to an HDTV with a composite cable, or does that only work on non-HDTV's? (Sorry if my question doesn't make much sense, I really don't understand much about how any of this works.)

Right now my price range is probably between $100-$150. I'm not in any hurry, and I don't mind saving for something that would work better, but I'd prefer to not go over $200. I've seen on various web sites that there is an Archos 43 (8 GB) for $199, but I haven't found anyplace that actually carries it, or that even says out of stock. Does that one really exist? Because if it does, I'd consider saving for that, as I don't think I'd need 16 GB. ( I'm not planning on using it for music [I've got my clip+ for that] or downloading videos.) I like the idea of the larger screen. I wish there was a store that had the various models in stock, so I could see them in person. But I live in small town USA, and the biggest store is Walmart. :-)

I'm also open to suggestions if anyone knows of anything else I should consider looking at. And I'll probably wait a couple months, at least, as I'm guessing some new devices will be coming out after CES.

Thanks for any help you can provide! :-)
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