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Default RMAA Discussion for Clip+

Firstly i have been on this site as a member for a long time.
Mostly i just keep reading the inputs from the people on the site.
I find it a tad technical and not based on audiophile language like some other sites(am not naming them), which is to my liking given my technical background.
Question 1:

Stereo Crosstalk:

The pink and cyan lines indicate noise in the first diagram and in the second diagram they indicate a higher(?) crosstalk right.
So it is better to use a device with no load(?)
How do we connect a device with no load i mean there is always headphones needed to listen right so there is no sense of taking this test.
If by connecting an amp we are getting these results then it is useful to use a balanced amp like the arrow right?
If the amp really does provide no load then we do get better sound unlike what saratoga suggests(the amp does not really help) right?
Question 2:

My question is if this is the response with rockbox then we are getting a mixed crosstalk response from rockbox(?)
better in certain places (mids) and not so good in certain areas(bass and highs).
why is this?
Also for most of the rmaa tests have you used rockbox clip+ or normal clip+?

Sorry about the technical questions but i felt this is a good place to ask this question.

My Current Rig:
Sansa Fuze V2 Rockbox (updated to latest builds regularly waiting for usb support on v2ams)
Headphones:ep630(donated to sister)>Klipsch s4(good but lack clarity in instrument separation seriously not somethingi picked up, my own experience)>Phonak PFE 112(Very good have to pump the volume to listen to these)>Fischer Audio DBA-02(Very good I know you may look at me like i went with the (the other site) craze but they are really good, really good instrument separation i listen to some rock and trance where the dba really shines and the volume does not need to be pumped like the pfe can listen pretty well on -30 to -35 whereas the pfe need -20 to -25 i know it is less but these are the volumes i listen at normally when i am in the mood these values do go higher. With slower music i like all my headphones except the ep630 which frankly were my first set of headphones(not stock ones).

Am planning to buy two clip+ really no debate, i am going to buy them anyways but just for discussion.

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