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Default Talk me down, I'm ready to murder my NWZ-S544 / S545

Very frustrated. So, I had two portable electronic doohickeys, the iplod touch and a sansa fuze. I love the iplod for everything but actually playing music. Itunes if of the dev.null and I hate the way the plod organizes stuff. I want my mp3 player to be simple and work and fit nicely in an armband case for the gym and the fuze was beautiful for that. There were a few rough spots, some room for improvement but overall, a really solid offering.

My fuze died and I got a replacement. Two months in it disappears and now I'm left mp3-less. I go to the Buy More and they tell me the old fuze with the wheel is discontinued. Oh, here's the new version. I picked it up on the strength of my previous experience. What a mistake. The Fuze+ is a stunning disappointment. They got rid of everything that was good about the previous model and made it worse.

So after scouring the local stores I settle upon getting a Sony S series. I wanted to get something local so I could return it if there were problems.

I read the reviews, it had the least complaints out of any of the other players I could find and the S series did support audiobooks.

But now I see it's only the old S series. The new one, the one I have, Sony took away support for audiobooks and podcasts! No more bookmarking!

Seriously, WTF? Are they taking hints from the Sansa people or something? One of the things removed from the Fuze+ was folder browsing. I don't want the player to guess how I have my music organized, I want it to pay attention to the goddamn folder I put it in. Sony has folder browsing but they screwed up audiobook support. Has any of this been fixed in a firmware patch? Are there any workarounds?

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