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Default Please Help - Zen W Hard-drive Problem


My name is Billy. I've owned a Creative Zen Vision W (30G) for 3 years now. About a year ago my screen died (and because
I couldn't afford to get it fixed) I began using my Zen solely as a storage device. It's been working great, up until yesterday.
I connected my Zen to my PC (Vista SP1) in order to copy some files on my desktop onto the device. When I tried to paste the files
onto my Zen it said something like "Error, file type not supported by this device" (something like that). I've never had
such a problem in the past so I decided to disconnect and then reconnect my Zen to my PC. After my PC recognized my Zen (as it
usually does) I opened it up from My Computer>Zen Vision W>Storage Device. Here's the problem - it shows there's nothing on my Zen.
When I go into Storage Device, it's completely empty. Strangely too, it says the Storage Device is only 50 MB big. I tried reconnecting
my Zen numerous times to no avail. I even took it apart and fiddled with the Zen's hard disk. I'm not sure what the problem is, but
I'm sure it has something to do with the Zen's hard disk.

Please help, thanks.
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Hey I can help you and no I dont want any money.
But since this post is so old I wont come back to check if you have responded.
So please PM me and let me know if you have not fixed it.
I have 2 ZVW screens that have issues and I cannot sell them. But you could use them to troubleshoot your player issue.
Just so you know, when your player is in "rescue mode" the computer will only see 50mb. So you will need to reload firmware for sure.
This is mybest guess. You put a file on your player that is corrupted. when it starts up the player gets confused and just drops into rescue mode. Try a firmware reload. If that doesnt work try the format. This will get rid of the corrupted file.
Good luck
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