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Default WP7 MS FAQ (detailed Forum Links)

Topic:Tips & Tricks, Customization Ė Making It Yours
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Tips & Tricks, Customization - Making it yours

How do I access my Office Excel, PowerPoint and Word documents on Windows Phone 7 if I donít have SharePoint?
Am I able to Add or Remove a Secure Digital (SD) card from my Windows Phone?
When signing into Windows Phone 7 with a Windows Live ID I am asked for an activation code.
How do I sign in with my Windows Live ID if I chose to skip Windows Live ID sign-in during the initial setup of my phone?
How do I change the Windows Live ID that I signed into my phone with?
I donít have a Windows Live ID account. How do I get one?
Do I need to install Zune PC Software to use my Windowsģ Phone 7 phone?
How do I sign in with more than one Windows Live ID on my phone?
What is Windows Live ID (WLID)?
I think I have a Windows Live ID already; how can I find it?
I think I have multiple Windows Live IDs across Xbox, Zune, and other Live services; which one should I choose to be the main Windows Live ID on the device?
I know my Windows Live ID, but I cannot remember my password; what should I do?
How do I know what Windows Live ID I am signed in with on Windows Phone 7?
How can I use voice recognition on my phone?

Browsing, Maps, Search & Find My Phone

Can I import my Favorites from my PC?
How can I organize my Favorites?
I donít understand the Search button. Its behavior seems inconsistent.
How do I see my current location?
How can I select a different start location than my current location?
How do I turn on the satellite view on the map?
How do I get the Bing client to recognize my location?
In Internet Explorer, how do I get the browser to help me suggest web sites I'm entering?
How do I get traffic information for my route in Maps?
Why do I see Bing search when I choose the Find icon from the Map application?

People Hub, Email, Calendar & Messaging

How can I import my Outlook contacts to Windows Phone 7?
How can I import Outlook calendar to Windows Phone 7?
My contacts came in a mess. How can I clean them up?
I canít see whatís new with the people in my contacts. Why?
How do I add an account that isnít part of Windows Live? I have a Google account and another account from my Internet Service Provider.
How can I select different ringtones so I know whoís calling me?
Help! Iím drowning in email messages on my phone. Iíve deleted the messages I do not want. What else can I do to manage my messages?
Suddenly I canít see my Facebook friends any longer. What happened?
I canít see my Windows Live calendar.
My online status does not show on my phone.
I am unable to post comments.
My contacts linked incorrectly. How do I solve this?
I cannot upload pictures to SkyDriveģ or Facebook. How do I resolve this?
I canít find my uploaded pictures! Where did they go?

Hardware, Pictures, Camera & Connectivity

Can I still use my phone with cellular data usage disabled?
After I set up my phone, how do I enable cellular data usage?
I chose to disable cellular data usage during the startup wizard. Can I still sign in with a Windows Live ID?
Can I use a stylus or pen for typing on-screen?
My phone canít find my Bluetooth enabled device.
I donít have a PIN to access my Bluetooth enabled device.
I canít connect to a Wi-Fi network.
My phone canít find my wireless network.
How do I share my pictures with just my friends online?
How can I remove GPS coordinates on my pictures?
If I accidentally delete a picture can I restore it?
I want to have Facebook as the default to share pictures online when I tap on the picture.
I donít understand how the Back button works. It seems to be inconsistent.
How do I connect my Windows Phone 7 to a hidden Wi-Fi network?
How do I use speech recognition when the phone is locked?

Sync & Update

When I download and app or game I get the message ďAttention required. Tap hereĒ.
How do I change Windows Phone Update settings for my phone?
The software behaves as if the phone is not connected, although it is actually connected.
I see a message on my phone that there is an update available. How do I install it?
Can I use ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) to sync my Windows 7 phone?

Zune Marketplace applications and games

What if a download fails? Am I still billed?
How do I remove an application?
Where are my downloaded applications?
The application wonít download.
How do I get support for an application?
How do I cancel a failed download?
Can you help me access SharePoint?
Customer gets this error message: ďWe cannot connect to Marketplace right now. Check your data connections or try again later.Ē
Why canít I bill to my mobile operator?
Why canít I bill to my credit card?
How do I create a PowerPoint on my Windows Phone 7?
Can I post a document to my SharePoint site?
Where do my on device documents back up to?
Can I lock documents so no one can edit them?
I canít open a SharePoint site or a SharePoint file from Windows Phone.

Zune Marketplace, Music and videos

Why arenít my achievements registering?
Can you help me ask a person to play a game?
How do I uninstall a game?
How do I play multiplayer games?
How do I access the Xbox LIVE App?
How do I change my gamertag?
I want to watch a video on my phone. How do I do that?
Are video rentals available for my phone?
I have a Zune Pass, how can I download albums and songs on my phone?
I have a Zune Pass, but when I tap and hold an item to download it, the download choice is grayed out.
Can I listen to my favorite podcast on my phone?

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