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Default NWZ-S754 Rant / Review.

Having just recently bought one of these I can confirm that.. I wish I had'nt! I don't profess to know much about MP3 players and I'm no audiophile unfortunatley so I doubt this will be of any help.
This was bought to replace an old creative Vision M, which when paired with my trusty HD555 headphones, I now know works OK. Just looks/feels a lot like a brick though!!!

I was aware that there was a volume issue (30 max) but having read somewhere that the issue was overstated I decidied to get one anyway.
I can now confirm that in a quite room using the packaged IEM's the volume is indeed adequate.

This player is however lacking in a more noisy environment. Please also forget using anything other than In Ear phones (and the noise cancellation gives me head/ear ache).

Overall it feels a bit insubstantial and the buttons are a bit fidely but on the plus side (in a quite room) the SQ is good with a notch clear bass and a notch less of mid to top end.
I was probably expecting too much from this but I was hoping it would drive the HD555 but no luck there I'm afraid!

I don't suppose anyone knows whether this is to be released in US (firmware update)? or whether the cap could be modified via a service menu?
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