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Old 01-13-2011, 07:30 PM
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Default My Fuze only freezes when I connect it a computer.

As I said, it freezes when I connect to a computer of any kind, but works perfectly otherwise. I'm wondering how I might fix it, and the next paragraph is just an explanation of the situation;

Leading up to this freezing issue, I had plugged my Fuze into a Mac book (running one of Apple's recent operating systems, not Windows or anything) my brother owns, where it was easy enough to drag and drop content into the device. Speaking of the Mac, I noticed if I ever deleted something through the Mac, it removes the file from being viewed in any manor, but doesn't actually free up space, so I promptly stopped deleting through the Mac. Anyway, one day it went straight from being plugged into the Mac to being plugged into a PC running Windows XP (I assume) at my mother's school. I only used this computer because I needed to re-up the subscription on my Fuze to Rhapsody (which isn't available for Mac's yet). Since it was Christmas break for the school, the access given to teachers seemed much stricter than usual, and Rhapsody wasn't working all too smoothly, however, I was able to re-up the Rhapsody subscription on my mother's Fuze. I had no such luck with my device; it didn't even seem to register in Rhapsody on the PC. It wasn't until I left the school that I noticed that my Fuze was freezing simply from being connected to a PC or Mac. Surprised to find that the device still ran perfectly well when not plugged in to a PC, I was equally surprised that my Rhapsody account was completely missing from the device. My Clip+ that I de-synced from Rhapsody months ago still has account info on it, so I'm assuming something glitched.

I assume I could simply reformat the player and get it in working order, but I'd like to know if I could re-upload the firmware and fix my problem, and how to do that since I can't connect the device itself to a computer (I have a micro SD and adapters to easily put files on it). Plus I've got some files on the player's built-in memory that aren't backed up anywhere else; while nothing horribly important, I would willing to put more effort into the process to keep them.

My thanks for any help.
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