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Default Scroll wheel issues + freezing issues

I've had my sansa fuze for a year or 2 now, and it has survived 3 rounds through the washer and dryer (gotta remember to take that sucker out XD). Now for the issues, the scroll wheel doesnt work unless i plug it into my computer then unplug it and it works until i play music then it stops working (buttons work, player still plays music). Now, i only got it to work like this by rolling back the firmware from its latest version (did nothing on the newest one). The other problem i am having is when i power down the Fuze then start it back up it simply does nothing (the LED ring lights up, thats about it), it goes to the menu but nothing input wise works. The only way i have gotten around this is by plugging it into my computer again. I have looked through these forums a bit and have found some things that i have tried but havent worked, I would like to fix it since it is a good little player (plays FLAC's and everything! lol). If it cant be fixed, i guess its stuck at home for my shops music system and i will have to find another to replace it for a portable MP3 player.

Thanks in advance,

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